Reusable Balloon Light Pole Kit - 2 Balloons

Upgrade your visibility with maximum exposure - helium free balloons
As Low As $42.00 each
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  • Choose any 2-color combination YOU want!
  • Technology improved for long-lasting bright colorsĀ 
  • 3-month guaranteeĀ 
  • Designed to stay inflated through extreme weather
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As Low As $48.00 each

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Capture potential customers' attention with an eye-catching 2 reusable balloon light pole kit! Choose any solid color UV-resistant vinyl balloon combination that can be seen from blocks away. These balloon poles are designed to handle extreme summers and winters if you live in those climates. This is also a great option if theft is common in your area as the height makes them harder to reach.

  • 2 clamps, 2 brackets, 2 stems, and 2 17" diameter Reusable Vinyl Balloons
  • 46" High and 40" Tall
  • UV-resistant vinyl technology
  • designed for extreme summers and winters
  • Ships Today!
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