5 Balloon Tabletop Kit - Solid Colors

Create a unique, decorative look with eye-catching Balloon Displays!
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  • Choose from 20 different balloon colors!
  • Long-lasting Reusable Balloons stay inflated - and only require air (no helium!).
  • Kit comes with everything needed and sets up in less than 10 minutes.
  • Special patented balloon design won’t leak or sag, and comes with a 3 Month Guarantee.
  • Heavy-duty clear base stays in place without distracting from the colorful balloons.
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Take your party and event decor to a new level with Balloon Tabletop Kits – the essential element to make your event truly stand out! Our Solid Color 5-Balloon Tabletop Kits offer a selection of 20 vibrant colors, allowing you to create a unique Balloon Display that perfectly matches your vision and needs.

Each kit comes with 5 Reusable 8” Vinyl Balloons, 5 Balloon Stems with Clear Cups for balloon attachment (1 long 29” stem and 4 short 23” stems), and 1 Solid Acrylic Clear Base with 5 pre-drilled holes for the stems.

Assembling this kit is incredibly easy, and you can have the entire setup ready in just 10 minutes! The balloon stems conveniently come with clear cups pre-attached, making it a simple process to snap the balloons into the cups, inflate them, and then position the stems into the base.

Our 8-inch Reusable Balloons are crafted from durable vinyl material, boasting seamless construction to ensure they stay firm and airtight without sagging or leaking. These Vinyl Balloons are equipped with a unique UV protection feature that shields them from sun-induced discoloration, preserving their vivid colors day after day. Additionally, they feature a pearlized finish that enhances their visual appeal with a radiant, light-reflective shine.

All Great American Vinyl Balloons also come with a 3 MONTH GUARANTEE! High quality is the top priority for us, and we trust in our product so much that we offer this exclusive guarantee on all our balloons.

Our Reusable Balloons only need to be filled with air (no helium required) and last for months, making these table balloon displays an easy set up that requires zero maintenance! Alternatively, our Vinyl Balloons can be used, deflated, and then used again – so if you’re setting up for a temporary event and want to take the balloons down and reuse them again later, then this is the perfect solution for you!

The transparent Acrylic Base adds a contemporary and sophisticated touch to the balloon display, tastefully complementing the attention-grabbing balloons above. Crafted from heavy-duty acrylic, this base has a 7.75-inch diameter and weighs almost two pounds, guaranteeing the stability of your Balloon Tabletop Display wherever you choose to position it. Despite its size, it remains conveniently lightweight, allowing effortless movement. This versatile base allows for the placement of your Balloon Table Display on any level surface, be it a desk, countertop, or even atop tablecloths or linens.

We also offer an Air Compressor option for inflating the balloons, should you need an option compatible to our balloons (Item #COMPRESSOR, sold separately).

  • 5 Reusable Balloons, 5 Stems and 1 Acrylic Base
  • 38" H
  • 8" Diameter
  • 5 Stems - 23" L (x4) and 29" L (x1)
  • 0.75" H x 7.75" Diameter
  • 1.7 lbs
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