5 Balloon Tabletop Kit - Multi Colors

Elevate any space or event with captivating Balloon Displays!
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  • Choose from a variety of pre-selected combinations in our top selling colors!
  • All display pieces are included, and assembly is quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes.
  • Thanks to our special patented balloon construction, the Reusable Balloons stay inflated, and all they need is regular air – no helium necessary.
  • Heavy-duty clear base stays in place without distracting from the colorful balloons.
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Achieve a show-stopping look with our Multi Color Tabletop Balloon Displays! Whether you're looking to elevate an event, attract attention to a sale or business opening, or decorate your space for an upcoming holiday or season, our 5-Balloon Tabletop Kits are a fantastic choice for enhancing any space.

Multi Color 5-Balloon Kits come with 5 pre-selected balloon colors, in a wide variety of top selling combinations and mixes featuring our 20 vibrant reusable balloon colors.

Each kit comes with 5 Reusable 8” Vinyl Balloons, 5 Balloon Stems with Clear Cups for balloon attachment (1 long 29” stem and 4 short 23” stems), and 1 Solid Acrylic Clear Base with 5 pre-drilled holes for the stems.

Setting up is easy, straight forward, and only takes 10 minutes! The balloon stems conveniently feature pre-attached clear cups, making it as easy as snapping the balloons into the cups, inflating them, and then securing the stems into the base.

Our Reusable Balloons are made from a heavy-duty vinyl material, with a seamless construction to ensure they are airtight and stay firm once inflated. The balloons also have a special UV resistant layer that protects against discoloration and sun damage, meaning colors stay as vivid and bright as the day they arrive. Additionally, they have a pearlized finish that creates an eye-catching shine, especially in sunlight.

All Great American Vinyl Balloons also come with a 3 MONTH GUARANTEE! High quality is the top priority for us, and we trust in our product so much that we offer this exclusive guarantee on all our balloons.

As part of the simple set up process, to inflate the balloons simply fill them with air using a compatible air compressor (no expensive helium required!). Balloons then stay inflated, and your eye-catching display will last for months!

Alternatively, our Vinyl Balloons can be deflated and reused, making them the ideal choice if you're preparing for a temporary event and wish to take down the balloons for later use. It's a versatile solution that offers both convenience and cost-effectiveness.

The transparent Acrylic Base adds a modern and sophisticated look to the balloon display and allows the eye-catching colorful balloons to remain the focal point. Created out of solid acrylic, this 1.7-pound base is a substantial enough size to ensure your display remains exactly where you place it, without the worry of tipping over. Despite its sturdiness, the base is a user-friendly lightweight design, making it easy to move around and place anywhere you like. The display can work on tablecloths, linens, or any flat surface.

We also offer an Air Compressor option for inflating the balloons, should you need an option compatible to our balloons (Item #COMPRESSOR, sold separately).


  • 5 Reusable Balloons, 5 Stems and 1 Acrylic Base
  • 38" H
  • 8" Diameter
  • 5 Stems - 23" L (x4) and 29" L (x1)
  • 0.75" H x 7.75" Diameter
  • 1.7 lbs
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